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An Exploration of Self

In "An Exploration of Self," I take the viewer through the experience of “me-” the feelings, thoughts, and various emotions that go through my mind. Each piece brings you into an aspect of myself, layered with bodysuits that change color over time, while the black garments layered on the surface illustrate the idea of that particular look. 


The roundness recurring throughout the collection illustrates a barrier that keeps others at bay. Over the course of the collection, the silhouettes draw the audience closer, each look slowly diminishing the barrier, evolving into a form that becomes almost one with the body and spills into itself. In turn, the colors guiding the audience through each piece become absorbed into the skin. 


This evolution is an indicator of change, acceptance and openness to the woman I have been, currently am, and will be.


Garments, Set Design- 

  • Iyomi Ho Ken //


Photographer 1- 

  • Gracie Hammond // @graciehammondphotography 


Photographer 2 (for Curiosity)-

  • Abi Teodori // @autumnobscura 


Film Photog + Photo Assist 1- 

  • Grace Kellison // @gkell.i 

Photo Assist 2 (for Curiosity)- 

  • Lorielle Sinclair // @loriellesinclair


Makeup & Hair- 

  • Trent Doyle @soi_is_sauce


Hair Assist- 

  • Shelby Hubbard // @princessarnette


  • Scout // @scout_by_scout


  • Iyomi Ho Ken // @iyomihoken

  • Sabriah Abdul-Wahid // @sabriahhannah 



  • Hannah Cho // @yoobeck

  • Aliyah Isaacs // @extracurlyfries

  • Megan Wong // @megywong

  • Julianna Lee // @kimchiii_bb

Studio- @wicker_park_studio

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