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Racism & Its Non-Sustainable Effects

A Self Portrait Project

When thinking of sustainability, the first train of thought that came to mind was the earth- however I felt this to be limiting, daunting, and a form of procrastination. A putting off of sorts the damage we’ve already done. While I of course understand that there are things that can be done, when creating this collection I wanted to focus on people- more specifically black people. Something that affects us greatly is this "system of looking" which in short is racism. However, with racism being a broad subject, I wanted to focus on the "sustainability" of racism and the mental impacts it has on black people. 


While many understand that racism isn’t okay, they don’t see how this system is continued all throughout the inner workings of our lives. The consistent attack on black peoples lives affect our mental. This garment, living as a fashion sculpture, abstractly shows how this trauma can affect a black person- being myself. The feeling of being of overwhelmed and constricted are most present in my thoughts. However, confronting thoughts are also present.


Through looking at imagery such as Melvin Edwards' Lynch Fragments, Gordon’s Back; texts “Black Bodies, White Science: Louis Agassiz's Slave Daguerreotypes” and “Look, A Negro” by Williams Gooding- and my own experiences, this project came to life.

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